Our Family

Kendra B.

First and foremost, we are breeders of home raised French Bulldogs & Yorkshire Terriers. We are not a pet store and we do not showcase our pups through glass windows. This is important because we happily do things differently than a pet store would. We have applications to adopt one of our little ones, and we also deny many applicants if we feel they are not a good fit to own a small breed. In addition to being breeders, we also sell for other breeders-- (specifically when our customers want a breed we do not have from our own lines). We also offer free delivery to most of NYC directly to your apartment, home, park, or veterinarian with a private appointment. Health is our #1 priority and it always will be, so we limit how often our pups are handled by outside hands. More on this at time of pickup. We've also created and follow a 20-point health checklist which our pups must meet prior to listing them on our website. I often am asked the normal questions about where our dogs come from, how we got started, etc. In my adolescent years, I began helping my mom breed and raise Jack Russell Terriers in our home. This gave me a love for caretaking early in life and I loved every aspect of breeding and raising of dogs. I knew I would want to be involved in the dog world later on in life-- which I did. I helped my Aunt in her dog grooming business for years during college for a summer job. I also have a passion for taking pics of my little ones--- 4,000+ photos in my phone of my own dogs! I may have a slight problem, haha. This love of photography spills over into helping fellow breeders photograph their litters, and it quickly became a job which I absolutely love. I would love to hear from you about your search for the right breed. As always, it's my personal stance you look at your local shelter before looking at our pups. Our paperwork you will receive will go over this stance in detail. Often breeders are yelled at, harassed and insulted on the web because of someone else's political agenda. We love our animals, and we aren't here to fight or bicker, but to pass on love. PLEASE, Please adopt from a shelter if you're not looking for a size-specific breed or to meet a specific allergy need. Owning a shelter pet in the past, I can assure you shelter pets have TONS OF LOVE to give! If you can't find what you want at the shelter, then (and only then) come see about getting a pup from us.

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