Q: How does placing a deposit hold on a puppy work?

A: $200 or $500 deposits are accepted via Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card or any verified secure method of payment you are comfortable with.  $200 for pups $1400 and under.  $500 for pups $1450 and above.  Deposit holds are non-refundable and puppy-specific since we are denying other families the right to visit or see your puppy.  When accepting a deposit hold, we are 100% in on providing you a healthy puppy, therefore, refunds on deposits are only given if something is found on a subsequent Vet check which wasn’t found first or second Vet checks.  In other words, highly unlikely.  Remaining balances collected the day of puppy transfer are collected in cash or cashiers check.  Other payments are made 48 hours prior to a puppy-transfer day to allow them to clear the bank before the puppy can go home.  These are in efforts to battle fraudulent customers so we can provide healthy pups to the deserving real families who want them.

Q: What are the shipping options?

A: Shipping can be done by plane or by car.  If by plane, you can either fly into a local airport or we can fly the pup to your nearest airport.  If you are flying into a local airport CLE or PIT, you may rent a car and drive to us– both are about 90 mins from your pup’s pickup address.  If you want to have the puppy driven to the airport–100% fine–the cost is $150.  This fee covers a driver’s time driving, time at the airport, tolls, airport parking, vehicle wear n tear, gas, and lunch on the day of delivery.  If you want the pup flown to you, Frenchies are snub-nosed and therefore banned to fly as cargo, they have to be shipped by “Flight Nanny” which is an estimated $850 and up for regional deliveries.  $1200 approx for cross country.  Yorkshire terriers are still fine to fly VIP Cargo, which is climate-controlled & pressurized compartment under where the pilots sit.  This is a 100% safe and insured way to fly a pup–there’s climate controlled vans which take the puppy to & from the plane and even a night light in the plane compartment.  We have done this type of shipping for 15 years.  Feel free to call us for more explanation on this, but this service is $450 to major airports across the continental US & $550 to regional airports.

Q: Can I come pickup my puppy?

A: YES!  We absolutely love when folks come in and visit the pups in their environment.  The pups are more playful, energetic, and tend to show off their puppy personality more this way.  There are also less outside variables which can influence a puppy–in terms of shipping.    There’s nothing that will replace meeting our customers in person so we can meet you and enjoy a time of great conversation, but for the folks where traveling to us isn’t possible, we do have shipping options.  If you are driving in to pickup your pup, we suggest bringing a few plush towels, some paper towels, pee pads, and some wet wipes –travel carriers can cause motion sickness so drive super slow on your way home.

Q: What exactly is Puppy Blvd?

A: Our start was born out of necessity.  We personally had a scary experience purchasing a dog 15 years ago–and those were much easier times believe it or not! Nowadays we know most of the puppy-ads across the web are scammers–we hear daily stories of how folks like you lost money to a scam.  We would not want to buy our first puppy online in today’s online market.  We now feel we are here for people who have had a similar experience or having trouble finding a quality breeder.  Our customers often ask, “What is Puppy Blvd really?”  We feel the best way to answer this is we are breeders, who sell for other breeders, when our lines aren’t having pups.  We have formed a dog club with 8 current members and we all share photography equipment.  We are in this for the love of it.  Every pup is health checked twice before they are put up on the website or advertised for sale.  We feel our strength is in our honest approach, multiple health inspections, and lifetime care or advice we can provide you.

Q: How do microchips work?

A: We use the MINI-CHIP, which is a size tinier than the first generation of microchips & designed with the toy, teacup size in mind.  Injected by a trained professional by use of a sterile syringe applicator, having your pet microchipped is no more dangerous or uncomfortable than taking them to have their yearly vaccinations. Once implanted, the chip stores information on your pet’s identity, including their name, age, breed, any illnesses or medications they need, and your personal contact information as well. Simply reading the information on the microchip can help get your beloved family pet out of the shelter system, and back home safe where they belong.  It is not a tracking device like most think, but it has worked in the safe-return for one of our pets, call us for that story!  Your local Veterinarian does offer this as a service, however, they most likely don’t use the mini-chips since they service all breed sizes and the mini-chip is more expensive.  Most Veterinarians, not all, charge pet owners a yearly fee chip management fee to maintain records on their pet and keep it current.  We give you the online login to control this information yourselves.  Most Veterinarians, not all, charge more than our one-time fee of $40.  We feel the value of paying $40 once for a lifetime microchip is well worth it after doing the research –and we feel you may consider this option when purchasing from us.

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